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Welcome to Addicted 2 Tungsten!
Welcome to Addicted 2 Tungsten, the most affordable choice for all your tungsten weight and terminal tackle needs.
We now offer tungsten weights at a price that is very attractive to anglers. The quality and performance of these tungsten weights are far superior than any other in the industry!
Our tungsten weights are manufactured with 97% tungsten to ensure you are fishing with the highest density weight on the market. Our tungsten weights are Harder, Denser, Smaller and More Sensitive than any other lead or brass weights.
As an angler, you will soon discover that our tungsten weights enables you to easily distinguish bottom compositions while fishing in every condition imaginable. In addition, you will soon find less snags and hassles along the way! Our weights are also 100% environmentally safe.
Twice The Sensitivity Of Lead Weights!
We currently offer two (2) options when it comes to Tungsten Worm Weights; the normal Bullet Worm Weight and the Flippin' Worm Weight in both Painted and Non-Painted colors.
Whether you are replacing normal lead weights or trying to "match the hatch" with your soft plastic bait presentation, these weights will meet your needs effortlessly.
Fishing With Tungsten Weights
Tungsten Worm Weights
Smooth Bore Technology Prevents Line Damage!
Our "Diamond Series" tungsten weights currently comes in 7 colors in both Tungsten Bullet Weights (1/8 to 1/2 oz) and Tungsten Flippin' Weights (3/4 to 1 1/2 oz) styles.
Standard packages of our "Diamond Series" and "Classic Series" can easily be purchased from one of our certified dealers or online through our web site.
Our "Diamond Series" tungsten weights are by far our best seller on the market!
NOTE: For pegging, we recommend the Top Brass "Peg-It Pegging Systems" rather than a toothpick for best results.
You can now purchase our Tungsten Bullet Worm Weights and Tungsten Flippin' Worm Weights in the "Diamond Series" or the "Classic Series". What's the difference you ask?
The "Classic Series" tungsten weights feature a large center hole where 80 lb. braid, 20 lb. monofilament or flurocarbon lines will easily thread through the "plastic insert" installed in each tungsten weight to protect your fishing line from damage or fray.
Our "Classic Series" is offered in 7 colors ranging from 1/8 oz to 1/2 oz. in size in both Tungsten Bullet Weights (1/8 to 1/2 oz) and Tungsten Flippin' Weights (3/4 to 1 1/2 oz).
If you are opposed to the original "Classic Series" design, we also offer our tungsten weights in the "Diamond Series".
Our "Diamond Series" tungsten weights are carefully drilled, beveled and diamond polished to avoid line damage or fray while on your fishing adventure. Our "Diamond Series" tungsten weights are by far our best seller on the market! With our "Diamond Series" technology, it will allow heavy braid, flourocarbon and monofilament line to be easily passed through them. At that point, pegging your rig is simple! Twice The Sensitivity Of Lead Weights!
Tungsten Worm Weights
More Quality Tungsten Products
Tungsten Teardrop Weights
Tungsten Teardrop Weights
The tungsten teardrop weights comes in sizes from 1/8 to 1/2 ounce to reach whatever depth you want to fish with ease. These weights are the most versatile dropshot sinker on the market today. Tungsten teardrops come with a swivel line clip for secure, twist free operation all day. Available in multiple sizes!
Tungsten Nail Weights
Tungsten Nail Weights
When it comes to weighting a lure, there is no other choice but a Tungsten Nail Weight to get the job done! In doing so, you can easily get the bait down to the "perfect" level where it has a chance to be consumed in one gulp! With it's popular barbs, your tungsten nail weight is sure to stay firmly in place throughout the cast.
Tungsten Screw-In Weights
Tungsten Screw-In Weights
The tungsten screw-in weights have always been a popular design. It feature a stainless steel bait keeper (screw) to firmly attach the weight to your soft plastics while fishing in heavy cover. Your fishing line is also protected by the excellent design which secures a strong bond between the screws and weights. Available in multiple sizes and colors!
Tungsten Carolina Weights
Tungsten Carolina Weights
Our tungsten carolina weights are an absolute must have when it comes to carolina rig fishing. With their 50% smaller than lead form and ability to transmit all types of bottom compositions, you are sure to detect even the most subtle bites! Our carolina weights are currently availables in sizes ranging from 1/8 to 3/8-ounce. Give them a shot!
Tungsten Round Drop Shot Weights
Tungsten Round Weights
Our Tungsten Round DropShot Weights are always in demand on the tournament trail when faced with ever changing conditions. As each angler knows with dropshotting, the extra sensitivity is what it takes to put more fish in the boat. With our weights you will feel any and all bottom composition encountered along the way. Grab a few  packs today!
Tungsten Finesse Dropshot Weights
Tungsten Finesse Weights
Our tungsten finesse dropshot weights are designed to come through grass, rocks, trees, and much more with ease. These finesse weights feature a simple, yet secure, swivel line clip for a twist free day of fishing. The finesse weights are offerd in five sizes ranging from 1/8 to 1/2 ounce. 100% environmental friendly.
Tungsten Barrel Weights
Tungsten Barrel Weights
Our tungsten barrel weights are 50% smaller than lead brands on the market today. Aside from less snags while fishing these barrel weights, they also transmit detailed bottom compositions much better than lead. Better feel always means more fish in your boat! Pair them with a glass bead on a Carolina-rig and you too will get your line stretched!
Tungsten Nail Weights
Tungsten Pagoda Nail Weights
Weight down those soft plastics with our small tungsten pagoda nail weights that stay in place thanks to the careful barbs while you fish. Our nail weights are 100% environmentally friendly and are available in five sizes, from 1/96 to 3/32-ounce to achieve the right presentation you desire!
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Tungsten Bullet Weight - Black
Tungsten Bullet Weights
1/2 oz
(No Insert)
Pack of 2
All Colors
Tungsten Flippin' Weight - Non-Painted
Tungsten Flippin' Weights
3/4 oz
(No Insert)
Pack of 1
All Colors
Tungsten Round Dropshot Weight - Non-Painted
Tungsten Round Dropshot Weights
1/2 oz
Pack of 2
Recent News
May 7th, 2011
We are pleased to announce that Addicted 2 Tungsten has been placed on online after months and months of both design work and testing. Our new design will gladly accomodate both customers and dealers alike when it comes to ordering all of our tungsten products online.
We would like to say thank you for visiting our new website for your tungsten terminal tackle needs and we hope to see you again soon as we continue to bring our affordable tungsten prices to the fishing world.
Best of luck to you and your fishing!
Meet Our Pro Staff
Clay McIntyre
Clay McIntyre
Mer Rouge, LA
Clay is an avid angler currently residing in Mer Rouge, Louisiana. He has been bass fishing for over 20 years, and has been tournament fishing for 3 years. He is currently a
member of the Bastrop Bass Club. He fishes the local tournament circuit and has gained amazing recognition the past 3 years. We have recently selected Clay as Addicted 2 Tungsten's official Pro Staff Director. He is prepared to take the role and help new and old anglers alike in tungsten weights! We would like to welcome Clay to the tungsten team and look for him to shine this year in the Louisiana area. Good luck Clay!
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